"And they go through what happens when the baby is born," said Mr Allanson, explaining pre-natal courses. At least I think they’re called pre-natal courses.
"And did it?"
"Well, yeah." The look on his face when he said those two words was a cross between horror and amazement. I’m not sure how economics got to pre-natal courses, but that’s life for you.


"Here I have created ions when before there were none."
"Oh my God." – Reuben. He had a point there though- mouths dropped open, hearts fluttered, even the clocks stopped ticking. Mr Shackleton had done what we had previously deemed impossible. He had, in that moment, become a god.


"Caleb, you cannot call me a boondog in front of other people."
I guess you had to be there, but I just cracked up and couldn’t stop laughing for like, half an hour after I heard that. As far as I can fathom, Caleb and Mr Montague are on a nickname-advanced relationship, but just hearing it come from his own mouth as I walked past… Boondog. lolx0rz


On a serious note, now.. Not that I’m very funny to start with -cough-

Time is the one thing you cannot regain. While I’m busy worrying about the present, I realise that I can no longer relate to the trepidation and the adventures shared by the Year 8’s in their first year of high school. I’m "that senior student" to them when really the only difference is I’m older. Because I’m older,  they assume I cannot relate to them. I will never be able to again. And what scares me is that I will look back on my high school days that I am living now and I will miss them. "You can only appreciate something after it’s gone." I’m terrified that I will never get a chance to enjoy high school. So what should I do?


One thought on “Blip

  1. Georgie says:

    You just have to accept it you can’t dwell over the past.
    p.s are you ever going to contact me??? do you even read you comments and respond to them?
    p.s p.s i would call you a friend but since you never call me…

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