Twilight Musings

Hey folks, don’t mind me. I get excessively emotional and often depressed on Sunday nights. I went to church from 4:30-8pm, which chewed into what few hours I had left to study for an economics essay worth 8% of the final mark. The stress was getting to me, as it does.

Anyways, ignore all the emo-ness. I wrote this earlier this at 1:31am this morning. A voyage of self discovery and an almost ethereal experience, all tied to six humble strings.


The deathly green glow of the clock admonishes me. I ignore it and let my fingers articulate the inner workings of my subconscious. My eyes beg me to stop and rest as I close them, but I ignore the stinging and let the guitar speak.

A girl is dancing in a forgotten forest, hidden away from the treachery of the world…
Within me, a wind stirs, whisking me away with the passion. I feel my spirit alight with ardence.

Alas, such times are not meant to last. The duties of the day beckon, and to wake, first I must sleep. With reluctance, I lay down my instrument and picked up my pen. Out of the corner of my eye, I am accutely aware that my guitar is waiting for me. I smile.
"All right, just one more song."

And so we played on into the night.



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