A metaphor?

How poor judges of characters we are. We prejudice without proof. We damn without evidence. We see and we fear, or we shiver in disgust at our own kind. None of us are free from this prejudice. None of us, but the blind are closer than we.


If you buy something for $100 and it brings you no particular joy and has no great use, was it worth the purchase? Not for you, no. If your friend hears of this $100 object and longs for one more than anything else, would you give it to her?

I would. But neither my mother nor my brother will hear of it. I’m not even allowed to sell it to her, even though I don’t particularly want it. I’m glad I bought it, because they’re hard to come by, but I don’t need it, so why not give it to someone who’ll appreciate it and put it to good use? Because it cost $100. One hundred of my dollars, that I should not give to other people because no one would give it to me.

What if a friend gave you a $100 note for no good reason? Let’s assume you have use for it and would keep it. Perhaps you would be obliged to ut a spring in your step and repay the generousity to others. It’s plausible.

I’m just very upset that I’m not allowed to give away something I don’t want anymore when someone else wants it a hundred times more than I.


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