10 Ways to make a Quick 10 Bucks

This was a flyer from RAC- Car Insurance. I thought it was cute.


10. Hold a friend’s lunch for ransom.
9. Publicly humiliate yourself for cash.
8. Sell your baby photos.
7. Discover your unique talent.
6. ‘Borrow’ pocket money from children.
5. Make a $10 note out of papier maché.
4. Auction a vital bodily organ.
3. Throw shoes away. Beg.
2. Market ordinary pencils as ‘fun sticks’.
1. Book your car into RAC Auto Services Bentley. Bring in this flyer and get $10 off the regular service price.

EDIT: I just realised that Dad borrowed $10 off me last night. I’m never going to see that money again, am I?
DOUBLE EDIT: He used it to buy himself an extra Father’s Day present. Go figure. Never seen again.


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