His Lordship – insomniac

Another unkind ramble about my brother.

He was exceptionally starved for attention today, and so
danced around the house making peculiar noises for a while, until he settled
for watching Serenity (good movie). Consequentially, I was asked to watch with
him. Normally after he’s expended said two hours of my time, he goes off to
play RuneScape or something else to distract himself from the life he hates.
Instead, he hung around and wanted me to play Uno with him. After winning five
times in a row, he reversed the last few moves that led up to my imminent victory and grabbed a handful of cards
until he found a draw-four, and we played on. I won again, and once more, but
of course in the end it was futile. He beat me, after I had won seven games, and declared himself the winner of “I win”- the game
we were playing, where it’s against the rules for me to succeed. If I win, it’s
cheating, and I lose anyway.

So yeah after that I pretty much kicked him out of my room,
because it was 11 and I needed sleep. He didn’t want me to sleep and told me
scary stories so I might keep awake in fear. Why couldn’t he just leave me
alone to rest? School in the morning, after all. I locked my door, and he
clawed at it from the outside to make noises to keep me awake. I flicked on the
light, unsheathed my katana and forced him into his room. He clawed at his own
door, so I rammed it and it jarred his foot. He threw shoes at me, incensed,
but they were harmless and poorly aimed. He then swore I would not sleep until
his foot had stopped hurting, and though I lay on my bed, katana in hand, he
did not give up. It was only after he threatened to pour water under my door
(bad for the floorboards, makes them expand and things get messy) that I
unlocked my door. He forced me out, wielding a metal ruler, and forbade me from
sleeping or remaining in my room. After feeding me chocolate to keep me
energetic, he left me, and here I am.
EDIT: Unfortunately, I was mistaken, and the chocolate kept me awake for half an hour, although my mind ached for rest.

Brother, where art thou love? I can forgive him, but the
chances are this is going to happen again in the future. He’s unpredictable and
very much starved for attention, although he never does this in public and he
claims not to have ADD. Alas, nothing more on the issue. Mum’s come home and is
ordering me sleep. That should be reason enough to overrule him. Night,


4 thoughts on “His Lordship – insomniac

  1. Georgie says:

    I am sure he has ADD no person would do that and have nothing wrong with them. I feel so sorry for you maybe you should go learn a form of martial arts to protect yourself???

  2. John says:

    He’d trash my room while I was away, and hide the Zelda games and raid my desk for food. He’d probably stash my swords somewhere and rip my books to shreds, and I wouldn’t put it past him to break the lock on my drawer and go through my stuff. It’s unfortunately, easier to co-operate when there is less at risk than my health. If he didn’t live in the room next to me, I’d gladly fight for my rights, but alas, such things are not meant to be.

  3. Alex says:

    I found that Serenity would have made no sense unless you had seen Firefly.

  4. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    What a horrible story! Surely time shall heal all wounds, however.

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