Ian Raymond: "Because your testes produce testosterone, does that mean your testosterone levels go down every time you ejaculate?"
Savvy-Walsh: "What?"
Shaun Coin: "Does getting your load off reduce your testosterone levels?"
Me: "On the contrary, it makes you more of a man."
I couldn’t help myself. Honestly I couldn’t. I tried.


Mr Shackleton, formulating battle strategies during a chemistry lesson.
"If we were to attack this hydroxide, we can do it from here, here, here, here, here or here. As you can see, it is exposed and an easy target. However, on this butanol, the angle of vulnerability is reduced, and…"


If an Oedipus Complex is between mother and son, what is the relationship between a brother and sister? I know them to exist.


"What was once considered extravagant is now considered the norm."

How true! Statistics, not that I trust them, also show that people would rather earn $70,000 a year if the average is $50,000, than $120,000 when the average is $150,000.


"We were playing Hale the other day, and they were starting something about being a better resource than us. I mean," and here Mr Allanson paused to look at us as if he were trying to fathom the stupidity of their actions. "What a bunch of wankers!"


I would very much like to live by myself. Alas, this is not possible, because I rely on people to teach me what to do, to show me how to do it or to establish things for me. Once everything is up and running, I’d gladly live by myself in an immaculate house where I can practice the piano whenever I want and everything will be forever tidy.


Ninjas are winning. The poll currently stands at Ninjas; 16, Pirates; 9. I have not influenced people’s decisions in any conscious way. Take that, pirate lovers! Especially you, oh Georgeous one!

In other news, don’t mind me, I left my consciousness in bed with my hatchet. Seriously, I found my hatchet under my pillow, and for a while, pondered how it got there before practicing throwing it. Whether I can stab something with it or not is irrelevant. It’s weighted nicely, and it’ll bloody hurt, no matter which side of it hits you.



One thought on “Random

  1. Georgie says:

    On the contrary Pirate fashion are starting to come in due to popular demand so i do believe i can for now take that victory back to the Pirate side for now.

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