She’s Beautiful

Hey guys! A brief interlude, I hope, from my interminable solitude.

Over the past week or so, I have come to the firm conclusion that women are just distractions in an otherwise very simple and thus, very happy existence. You can play video games, read books, brag and act cool without being labeled a try-hard pimp and so forth. Guys are generally more accepting towards the needs of other guys, whether they say it or not. Girls, however, demand time, attention, affection, devotion, loyalty, and occassionally, money. With steadfast adamantium, I decided not to get into any serious relationship until I could find someone more suited for me.

And yet, about an hour ago, something changed all of my views in the blink twinkle of an eye and the tug of a mouth. There I was, standing on the train, trying to master the art of balance by finding a stance that was neither too forward, nor too back, nor too left, nor too right. At each station, more and more people seemed to cram into the train, but I had wisely chosen to stay at the end of the carriage instead of amongst the masses. At each stop, I smiled, waved, "Live long and prosper"’ed and winked at the remaining passengers that had not made it into the sardine can, or otherwise waited for trains yet to come. Two girls from the neighbouring school, Mercedes College, were seated below the window I winked out of. I glanced down and saw one of them watching at me wink. As I met her eyes, she smiled, and for a moment I was taken aback. Not knowing what else to do, and deciding to trust instinct, I smiled back. I looked away, shyly or guiltily, as if to apologise for teasing the people beyond the window.

The rest of the ride was spent smiling for reasons I couldn’t explain. I felt very pleased with myself, although I can’t say why I had reason to. Something within me was flying. You know those really cheesy books that say, "she melted at the sound of his voice" or something similar? Well I would have died if she had spoken to me, if only to say "Hello".

What was this strange phenomenon? Her smile is burned into my mind’s eye, an image never to be forgotten. Thank you, my new friend, for the gift of hope.


6 thoughts on “She’s Beautiful

  1. Rich says:

    I think imitating Spock will not get you many girls, It certainly wouldn’t here.

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    Yeah, maybe guys are a little better at understanding the needs of other guys. I think that the reason there’s a common social perception that men are incapable of showing feeling is because men do it obliquely, rather than overtly- men don’t shout their feelings from the rooftops, but that doesn’t mean that they are void of them. Just like you say: "Women live with their emotions in the foreground- men live with their emotions in the background."
    Another thing that you’ve been very opinionated about lately John is the issue of gender dominion: "Why does James Bond destroy the lives of women for a night of hot sex?" This is a fair point, but it doesn’t wholly acknowledge that very often, it is the other way round- women can have just as much sexual, emotional, and even financial dominion over men. What about the woman who deliberately had two children and demanded a divorce just to extort her husband, who was then forced to work for eighteen years and lose 60% of his income to pay for children that his wife won’t even let him see? It may sound extreme, but it’s a common story. We just need to keep sight of the fact that men and women are equal- there’s no point in assuming that one has some kind of latent power over the other.
    But finally, to the point concerning your stance towards dating. Although I’m sure you don’t literally mean that women are nothing but ‘distractions’, I’m glad you’ve come to a conclusion that you’re comfortable with. A biblically simple axiom by which to live is this: if you enjoy it, do it. Don’t do anything that you don’t enjoy, or don’t want to do.
    Therefore, if you are happy with the way you live, I certainly don’t expect you to change.
    PS- Perhaps your experience on the train will help you understand the meticulous workings behind the reason why Pat and I ‘discussed’ the assistant at Dymocks that time.

  3. Alex says:

    John, you are very amusing, and overly dramatic at times. I agree with that martyr guy also. Listen man, you can act like you don’t need women all you want, but in the end its like vegetarians, the denial of our natural instinct and purpose. And while its a very noble and romantic cause to wait for "the one", or whatever it is that you are searching for, it may take longer than you think, and it doesnt always work the way you planned. Often people who are similar to you are the ones you dislike most.

  4. Alex says:

    And oh my god, were they homosexual connotations in the first paragraph??

  5. John says:

    Connotations are connotations, Alex. If they were, I didn’t intend them, but that’s good advice. You’re more intellectual than you look, you beefcake.

  6. Derrick says:

    haha, another one drunk because of a smile.don’t worry, smiles are wonderful things; it’s easy to fall in love with them.

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