My brother’s laziness angers me beyond words. Isn’t sloth one of the seven deadly sins? What is sloth, anyway? I mean, if you’re going to watch a movie, and the television is a metre away from the entrance to the room, you could play it on your way in, right? No, you’re wrong. You have to call your little brother to get up and cross the house to do it for you. Oh, what’s that? Wrong channel? Rats. Little brother, come, change the channel for me. I don’t want to get the remote, which is all the way at my feet. Oh, the movie’s finished now. Nevermind, let’s go play RuneScape. We’ll let the TV make static noise at loud volume.

Ffs, if I left him in a house by himself for a week, I suspect he would die. There would be piles of bowls and plates and rubbish that scattered his living quarters. The filth would accumulate, because no one would clean it, and no one would dare take out the rubbish, because that requires effort. Everything would be across the floor, there would be no work or university, only RuneScape and movies and food. What about sleep, you ask? Bah, who needs sleep when you can stay up all night playing Pokémon? What’s that? Someone at the door? Oh well. Is that the telephone? I’d get it if it were within arm’s reach, but alas.

*sigh* Maybe if I didn’t do anything for him, he’d learn to do it himself? It just bothers me beyond description to see the dirty bowls and scattered clothes. Damn panda.


One thought on “Tikitikihiss

  1. Georgie says:

    it really amkes me angry that you cant stand up for yourslef John just tell him to piss of and dont do anything for him, if he does no work around the house long enough eventually your parents would yell at him its bull shit you CAN ignore him just do it and dont complain about it otherwise you only bringing it upon yourself and you shouldt accept that. Tell him that if continues on this way for the rest of his life he will end up in an apartment all alone and neglected and with nine cats.
    P.s what did you mean by that comment you left? the last two are so true it hurts? 0.o

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