Patrick (Year 12) was bested by a hockey ball today. Due to some confusion about who was bringing the goaly pads, Pat was forced to play without a box. A box is basically like shorts with a toughened middle area to substitute a cup. And, as Murphy’s Law would have it, he got hit in the nuts. Umpire called Time Out, Pat struggled out of his gear and curled up on the floor, and we continued the game. Matt donned the pads instead, though he’s a terrible goaly, Tim refused to play without a box. As we marched back onto the field, I threw my fist into the air and screamed,

We lost the game, 10-nil.


Mr Allanson, Economics, 04/08/06.
"My wife and I used to go out every week and eat in a restaurant somewhere. But we can’t do that now with two midget terrorists in the house."
"I absolutely demolished it. It’s just one of those times when you know you have killed a toilet. And what’s worse is that there was a guy waiting outside. You know, they talk about social justice issues… and I knew it was wrong of me." – The consequences of eating a dodgy 50c laksa in Malaysia and dealing with a 5 hour plane trip home. I think I was actually crying from laughter.


I write music mechanically. I play music like an automaton with limited control over rhythm, dynamics and barest ornamentation. In other words, there is seldom any soul put into my playing, and I don’t have the musical genius to be brilliant.


What is it with little kids? When they try and be quiet, they whisper as loud as they can to make sure they’re heard. She may as well have been yelling, because I could hear her from the other side of the libary.


Sorry folks, I’ve decided for the moment that I’d rather keep away from MSN. I say this and acknowledge many of its potential consequences. I’d like, very much, to go to a park somewhere and read for a little while. I’ll make time for it, rather than just dream.

Xin: Out.

PS: Cadbury’s made some nice chocolate, but Lindt is definitely the best quality I have ever had. That’s from Switzerland, right? Haha, reminds me of "Coach" from hockey last year. He was a nazi.


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