What the hell have they done to the set-up of spaces? I guess I’m against change, but I liked it the old way!! Stupid Windows Live.


I turned around.
"WHY!!!!" he screamed again, ripping his shirt open. I blinked and did a double take. "White," I realised he was saying. He did indeed look indigenous and unkept, but the gas station owner had obviously something against that man. The accused had spread his shirt open and was holding his arms out, as if it to say, ‘Look at me! I’m European!’ while at the same time saying ‘You want to fight? Well BRING IT!’

I don’t know what happened, I don’t know who was over-reacting, and I don’t know why, so I kept on walking.


Violence is a scary thing. It is the will to inflict pain. That will is not something I am willing to devote myself too. I am too weak, physically and psychologically, to engage in such endeavours.



I can’t dance, in any way shape or form. I wish to the high heavens and the hallowed hells that I didn’t feel as if I needed to. Surely a man can get through life without dancing.



Did I even have a holiday? If I had to guess how long it went for, I’d say it was a hockey-free weekend.


It is so hard to be different. Well, it’s easy to be different, but the world has trouble accepting you if you are.

MSN is ruining my life. I will not use the internet from here on for anything other than email and research. Anyone who wants to know anything about me will have to ask me themselves, or read my blog, which I shall update every now and then. HISS.
[withdrawn. i like computers, even if I am steering wayward of MSN.]

The world’s opinion matters more to me than anything else. I am not strong enough to fight against the current if it means absolute rejection.
PS: Must stop cursing.

I don’t want to live in a world where torture exists. The hearts of men are too dark to heal. I don’t know what to do.

"It’s a Hexane," Mr Shackleton explained, pointing at the diagram of a molecule whose size had previously been unfathomable.
"Whoaaaa. That is so coooool," Reuben said, awed. On a similar note…

"Ooh baby," Jacob said as he finished off an equation.
"Getting excited eh? Who needs sex when you have chemistry?"
"Giggity giggity." Translates to: Yes, I agree whole heartedly. Whoop whoop whoop whoop!


"STOP EATING BANANAS!" Mrs Hay cried out to the economics class. Everyone looked up, stunned. I tell you solemnly; there was not a banana in sight.



One thought on “Breeee~

  1. Beth says:

    you say opinions matter to you?
    I think you should use msn. I can’t talk to you otherwise.

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