Morality: A question.

Putting my quest for self-identity on hold for a moment, I am challenged with a question. How do you know who is right? Especially when both sides of the argument are equally convinced.

Is it wrong to say someone has a knack for being right? If everyone has a disagreement with my opinion on something, am I at fault, or are all of them?



4 thoughts on “Morality: A question.

  1. Derrick says:

    that’s where moral relativism comes in. or you could choose to believe that everyone’s opinion dpesn’t matter, except for yours, because you of all people are fit to decide for yourself.

  2. Beth says:

    It’s not that people have a knack for being right it’s that some people are more educated on the subjects they argue.

  3. Derrick says:

    hmm in the case of an ethical or moral question, who is right, then? anytime you judge in favour of another person in a (purely) ethical debate, you are implying that that person’s belief system is more valuable. this, of course, begs the question- what makes that particular set of ethics more correct than the other?
    of course, in the case of vanilla academia, it is a lot easier to judge right and wrong. however, developments in mundane academia have always toed the line of ethics- see: Galileo, Socrates, and stem-cell research.
    to sum up- as long as you judge in a purely ethical dilemma, you are attributing more value to one belief system. it is then a matter of deciding which belief system is more correct, or acknowledging that neither belief system is more correct, but in context, one should be valued more.
    does that help? i’m afraid it mightn’t.
    i think i’d say, if its one man versus many men, it’s the way the world works that’s at fault. no matter who wins or who’s correct.

  4. Ivy says:

    What they teach us in school is that it is not important to reach a definite conclusion. It is important to reach a balanced conclusion, and therefore one should always consider both sides for and against an argument.
    We don’t have to search for who is right. Each person is entitled to his or her own views. BUt get this. Each person is also tied by the norms of society. Society has a standard that everyone is expected to adhere to, because that is the only way one can hope to live without being murdered. So should someone push both sides of the boundaries too far (that is, both good and bad. Think of the boundary as a rectangle divided in half, and opposite side good and bad, and both are expanded) , it is called a controversy and everyone feels obliged to debate and push the expanded space definitively into good or bad. That is human’s desire for rational thinking and order.
    They just can’t except the rectangle’s fine the way it is.
    Are you gonna except it?

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