Anthology of thoughts

On a similar but different note from yesterday’s rant, this is a collection of random thoughts and ideas.


My three greatest fears are as follows:
1. Fighting something I can’t kill. Basically, ghosts, undead, something I can’t stop.
2. Spiders. Hairy little, eight-legged, eight-eyed, venom-fanged, silken-snaring, swolen abdomen-ness, tiny, hiding, lethal little bastards. The black widow eats her mate after conceiving a child!
3. Being rejected by loved ones. If I care about someone, I must do everything I can to make sure I don’t get on their nerves, I don’t make myself look like an idiot, and to make sure that they don’t hate me. Of course, I fail on these stands commonly.


Material, corporeal goods are all a waste of time. A single tsunami, and boom. Everything you’ve worked for in life is swept away. We’ve all heard those stories of fires that destroy lives and so forth. All God has to do is send some natural disaster, and the past 30 years of work is demolished. I’m trying my best to fully grasp the concept that tangible objects don’t matter. Friends, love, happiness… They’re among the things that count.


Indifference is a terrible crime that lets people die without sympathy. And yet, if everyone were indifferent, life would go on as any other species. Emotions are a glitch- we’re not supposed to have them. When we start caring, things get complicated. So, putting things in binary opposition (either left or right, right or wrong, black, white etc.) there are two sides.
One: Everyone cares, everyone works for a better world. Not likely.
Two: Nobody cares, and thus, nobody has a problem with anything. The world is saved.

I’m not sure which side I want to be on.


Music lesson in three hours. God help me.


I am one of two 15-year-old males that I have ever met who can genuinely say they do not want to have sex. I’m not sure why this is. Probably that lack of testosterone Patrick has made me suspicious of.


While I’m at it, I do not want to get married. Not right now, anyway. Women are too much trouble. They collude, because the bonds of sisterhood [sorority??] are often stronger than the bonds between a guy and a girl who are friends. I have, painfully, learned that you cannot tell women anything. Because they just don’t stop teasing you about it, or they don’t stop laughing, or they tell someone else, or things grow awkward or whatever. Hell, at this rate I’d make a decent priest.


Hey. I’d like to become a priest. If it weren’t for the whole getting up at the lecturn thingo (forgot its real name) and preaching about God to a mass of strangers. Maybe I can become a monk so I don’t have to do the preaching? HA! Brilliant idea! Okay, for now, my vocation in life is to become a monk.


I like Morrowind. It is an expansive game, and I am a noob.


I don’t like reading. I like action. I like getting straight down to the core of it and battling it out. Hence, Achaea is not the game for me, unless there is a room full of monsters, and I have a high-level character with armour, weapons, and enough supplies to slay them all. Morrowind is similar, except the walking/travel is easier because of the visual rather than text.


I majj "Jkofxudao". I xuko mojocv veh utmakkadw ak. Jxe suddek bden.




There are so many people I didn’t see these holidays. Why is that? And how come I didn’t do any homework? Like literally. Two days before the resumed purgatory, I haven’t started anything. In fact, why am I on the computer wasting time? I should be reading. Once I’ve finished "Shadowmancer" (not all that great. 3.5/5. Dodgy characters more capricious than Captain Jamus Blazer, but excellent religious elements/plot) in fifty pages, I can start work. And then, I might squeeze in an hour of practice before Mrs Slawomirsky continues to tear my heart to pieces.

Does anyone have a hug I can borrow?


2 thoughts on “Anthology of thoughts

  1. Beth says:

    Firstly: Ghosts undead etcetera I shall discuss with you later but basically they won’t hurt yousecondly, it’s not after conceiving the black widow eats her mate its after…. well you know.
    thirdly there is never a time where you won’t be rejected by someone you love. It’s better off if you learn it earlier rather than later. There will ALWAYS be a time when you make a fool of yourself. Don’t fight it go with the flow. It will make you a better person.
    fourthly the world is not black and white. Most of it’s grey therefore your indifference theory doesn’t work. There will ALWAYS be grey areas. Be prepared for it.
    Fiftly (is that even a word?) It is written somewhere (the bible i think. In revelations) that when the world is a peace the world will end as humans are built to fight with one another or something like that…. hang on i’ll find it.Hmm shall have to ask the person who told me about it. Will get back to you on that one.
    sixly (no longer care if words are real or not): You can tell a woman things. If she teases you that means she cares. Besides generally those things that women tease you about men will tease you about as well so it’s not like there is that much of a difference.
    sevenly. Becoming a priest involves a lot of work. You have to have a uni degree which means a minimum of 3 years at uni then there’s something like a 5 year tutaladge (i forget how to spell that word) at a special school for training priests. So basically you spend about 22 years of your life studying. Do you really want to do _that_ much studying. By the time you actually get a job you’ll be like 25 if you study without taking a gap year(s).
    That’s all I have to say for now.

  2. Korelee says:

    No, I’m sorry I’m too busy beingn uncool and smoking pot and all that shit to give you a hug, right?

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