"Who are you?"
"Er… hi sir," Paul answered as the lights came back on.
"What are you doing here?" enquired the Economics teacher, Mr Allanson.
"I couldn’t find my class, sir, so I thought I’d sit down and spend a period watching a movie with you guys rather than wandering around for an hour."
It was at this point I realised that Paul wasn’t part of our class. Everyone seemed to realise it too, and started laughing.
"What’s your name?"
"Paul sir."
"Last name?"
"Don’t do it again, Paul Tonz."


I have just realised there may be something mentally wrong with me. This newfound revelation was discovered when I went hunting through the pantry, muttering to myself.
"Where are those chips? Hidden away so I can’t find them… and eat them! Bwahahahaha.. Bah." Looked up, and saw my reflection in a glass cabinet. I leaned to the right, and my reflection wasn’t in the other half of the door- it was slightly ajar, so the angle of reflection changed. Just in case, I kindly asked the demons to go haunt some other residence. I muttered to myself as I walked back down the corridor, "In the name of Jesus Christ, or In Nomine Christos, or Christe, whichever it may be, I command thee- away!"
"John, shut up!" I blinked, taken back.
"Sorry, I was talking to the demons. I forgot you were home. Shall I close the door?"
"Yes," growled Panda.

Okay, so basically I have a tendency to amuse myself with not-so-witty retorts to inanimate objects. I find it entertaining, but isn’t it supposedly a sign of insanity to talk to yourself? Well I do it all the time, (and so does Georgie, lovingly encouraging her various skirts and outfits), and that’s like a bad thing, right? Does anyone know of any mental disorder I may or may not have? Because I think if Eugene has ADD or something, then I might too… And that seems just about right. I’m also obsessive compulsive about neatness and all those little things to get perfection. Well, not quite OCD, but it just niggles at me until I switch off that unused power socket, or that little speck on the whiteboard is rubbed off. I also seem to have an obsession with knowing the time and organising my day to fit.

Any suggestions, anyone?

EDIT: I also realised that the reason I update this weblog so often is because I adore receiving comments, and am eager to excite responses. I like hearing people’s reactions to my stories about life. I’m just attention seeking. In fact, this entry is doing just that. Hm…. Grar! How to escape this cycle?


2 thoughts on “Hm.

  1. [Whisper]...who's that girl? says:

    whoa! now soon enough you’ll graduate for psycho-path! well, from personal experience I know talking to yourself is defintily NOT a sign of insanity.[ and no i dont talk to myself, i talk to voices] Talking to voices that do not exist is also not a sign of insanity…lol, thats a sign of a scizo-disorder… Insanity is not even a mental disorder there are no definitve terms for it either … now i’ll just assume that you, mean are you neurotic or pyschotic? No john neither dont panic. maybe a little anxious, over react…yeah normal enough…lol…take care…anya

  2. Georgie says:

    You dont have add despite what you may think you dont have the right symptoms and add people dont care about being neat so rest assured.

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