Hey, remember back in April? What was that, like, three months ago? Yeah I said I got the worst report card ever, and there was much protest. Well guess what. I just beat my own record. I have failed a subject.

Religion: A.
Chemistry: C Exam – 48% (Avg. 65). Course – 56% (Avg. 70).
Economics: B Exam – 75% (Avg. 68). Course – 67% (Avg. 68).
Literature: B Exam – 49% (Avg. 64). Course – 65% (Avg. 68).
Human Bio: B Exam 57% (Avg. 52). Course – 67% (Avg. 63).
Intro Calc: D Exam 48% (Avg. 64). Course – 46% (Avg. 62).
Music: B Exam 75% (Avg. 70). Course – 75% (Avg. 71).

So there you have it. The worst report card ever. Best in the class at religion, because I enjoy being good at something. Chemistry, ha. I actually wrote this in my exam:
"A clear, orange solution was added to a clear and colourless solution. Upon addition, the clear and colourless solution gradually turned orange, and the elephant began to walk up walls. ‘Hail Trenton, God of Goat Cheese!’ it bellowed."
Literature… Ohh that was bad. The poetry section I hoped I had aced. I wanted 80% for that. I got 44, because I thought the narrator was a man talking to his female neighbour. I based the entire analysis on that. The narrator was a woman named Mrs Swipe. If I had only realised the blatantly obvious ("Mrs Swipe Speaks Out" was the title) I could have fricking doubled my score or something. Damnation.
Human Bio I’m surprised to find I’m doing well in. Beating most of the class.
Don’t start me on Intro Calc. I need to be tutored.
Music, Ben’s still whooping my ass.

The sad thing is, if I get 100% in every single test, exam and assessment from now til the end of term, I’ll still only get a B at best for Chem and Intro Calc. And let’s face it, I’m not going to get 100% in everything, because has anybody? So yeah. I can no longer get any sort of academic merit for the end of the year. I hate myself for being this bad. My laidback approach to assessments has copped me in the face, but I am GOING to start studying for tests. As much as I should, instead of put it off until the night before, and then run out of time to even bother. I am going to nail my next assessments. I will work hard and do well. If only I could keep this zeal during the school hours when I can actually achieve something! Bah!

Bottom line. Screwed up first semester so much that it’s going to kill my second semester. I want to work hard to achieve better results, but come test time, the chances are I won’t keep my promise. Now, however, I am more than willing to put in the extra miles. Visbadw Intro Calc!!!


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