Jesus Christ!


Sainath just called. Sainath just called. From India. He called. Australia. Perth. My house. Looking for Eugene.

Mum: Oh! You’re calling from India!
Me: WHAT?! Give me that.
Mum: Speak to John.
Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello? This is Sainath.
Me: Sainath? You serious? Ha HA! You’re alive! Good to hear from you buddy."

This will go down in history as the greatest prank ever. I think it was Srivatsa who started the rumours, but at present, I have
forgotten. People have been grieving for God’s sake. Someone’s going to
be scourged for this, I can feel it. Ohhh my God, I couldn’t stop
laughing on the phone. He’s alive people!! HE’S ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE!


2 thoughts on “Jesus Christ!

  1. Georgie says:

    YOU WILL NEVER WIN!!! My bost isnt flimsy its the Black Pearl and it will take alot more then a few mere FLIMSY swords to take out my crew and ship sais I. AHOY!

  2. John says:


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