The Jackemus

Trying my best not to be blasphemous here, but I think Jack is as close to a living god as it gets. He’s practically an avatar- basically, the embodiment of a diety on Earth. He’s naturally perfect in every way. Fast, strong, a natural erudite (straight A’s while maintaining the Jack Goodrick philosophy: Don’t study. Just don’t!), tall, supple, acrobatic, spikey hair!! He’s like, everything I want to be, except I’d much (of course) rather be me. He’s graceful, somehow, too. He just embodies the word cool. And of course, he’s a deadly marksman with any sort of firearm, is a master of battle strategy and tactics, and is highly adaptable.

He also has this… Well, it’s been given three names. In Year 8, it was "Jack Magic"- he stood at the halfway line, turned his back to the hoop, and shot a perfect three pointer with a basketball, over his shoulder.
In Year 9, it was "Flash" – Jumpin’ Jack Flash or something. It’s a movie, but Jack had class. He was flashy, he was stylish, he was Jack.
Year 10 was a miss.
Year 11, it became known as "the Jack aura". He’s an ESP- he has to be. I looked at him, and suddenly he backed away, because he sensed I was about to do a vinga chiva. The idea flitted through my mind, but I decided against it after about .3 of a second. I just looked at him, and he knew I was thinking about his hair. I crept up behind him, perfectly invisible, and he turned around before I could do anything. I stepped into his room while he was asleep, and he jerked awake, ready to kill me. He has this aura around him, like the spidey-sense, that can detect threats.

I don’t get it. But that’s Lord Jackemus for you. In one word? Legend. Bloody tank.


One thought on “The Jackemus

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    You should also mention that Jack is a philanthropist as well! He sits next to me in Economics while I’m looking decidedly loner, and furthermore, is one of the few people who don’t run away when I talk to them. I’ve got so much respect for this person.

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