Dear readers,

My brother is a visbadw loony. Not many of you know this, but he’s just damn crazy. When he’s bored, anyway. I genuinely think this may be a mental defect of some sort. Attention seeking or just embodying deviance, he’s definitely got something wrong with him.

When my brother is bored, he sings. He screeches, wails, ululates, howls, screams and falsettos in a raspy voice. I don’t know why, but it’s senseless, and querulous. It’s peevish and irascible and bloody annoying. I mean, you’re only annoyed if you choose to find something annoying, but after a few minutes of this, straight, you can’t really ignore it. Especially if he’s in the room. Behind you. Poking you with something, or putting things in your ear while you’re trying to type. Just now he was lighting matches and trying to set my hair on fire- I’ve blistered my finger. He throws things into my room, and if I lock the door, he pours water under it. Otherwise, he claws and scratches the paint. If he gets in my room, he doesn’t get out, and spends time fiddling and tinkering with everything. His presence disturbs me, but he forces it on me with blackmail.


See separate entry. This entry is thus discontinued. Bottom line- my brother is very strange, and very annoying, without cause, reason or logic.


One thought on “Pandaman

  1. Georgie says:

    The way you describe it those are the symptomes of ADD (and im being serious) he always needs to be doing something its because he is hyperactive and doesnt seem to pay attention to you or your parents. You really should consider this he needs to be on medication.

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