In the memory of Sainath

Dear readers,

This entry is a grave one. A boy I once knew has died of a heart attack. He was my age, or just a little older, and his dedication to his friends was paramount, and admirable. Friends, his name was Sainath, and he lived in India just two hours ago. God knows where he is now.

I’ll be brutally honest. There were times when I dreamed of murdering him. You can find my entries and rants on him if you search through the earliest entries to this web diary, but now I pray to any God that exists that I am forgiven for my vindictiveness. Sainath was a good bloke, even if he knew how to touch and sever a nerve. He was happy, he was loveable, and he was everybody’s friend. He had a heart-attack, and was sent to hospital. My brother talked to him while he was there. Surgery went wrong- one of his ventricles collapsed, and he couldn’t get a transplant.

My friends, I at least will remember Sainath’s name, and so, he does not truly die. But it is a terrible thing for any parents to have to bury their child. I wonder how Wildflame is taking it- they had a RuneScape wedding, a long, long time ago. Wildflame is dressed in white- the scraggler is our dear buddy Sainath.

Rest his soul, old chum. Quack quack, for you, buddy. Quack quack.

EDIT: Nevermind. He’s alive. He just faked his death. Ahhh that Sainath- such a little rascal.


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