Dear readers,

Let me ask you something. Why is it that I care about people and their lives, and I am scorned for it? Why is it that a man has to be tough, like certain types of movies (no chick-flicks), appreciate sport and surf porn daily? If being verile (manly) means being muscular, cool and completely against sentimentality, then stuff mankind! I’m backing women, who have been oppressed and shoved into shitty lifestyles in order to get anywhere in this society. They’re the ones who are appreciated as porn stars. They’re the ones who won’t get anywhere unless they look at the very least, average. They’re the ones that have to go through menses and childbirth and being bombarded with the idea that girls should play with dolls instead of trucks. Worst of all, they’re the ones who are meant to care when males do not.

Let me re-iterate. If any random person at school read this entry, they would assume I am gay. I am not. I may be effeminate (because I’m definitely not meterosexual), but if I have to take slander and abuse for caring, then I will take it. Like a man.

(if I had based my short story assessment in Term 1 on the above speech, I would have nailed a 25, surely.)


4 thoughts on “Verility

  1. Solomon says:

    This sounds a lot like an essay I read and admired. Sexual discrimination is very deep. I believe that both sexes are to be pitied equally when it comes to getting stereotyped.
    Girls: Forced to play with dolls
    Guys: Forced to play with trucks
    It’s pretty sad lifestyle-wise for both genders. I’d elaborate more but you’re smarter at this. Can see further.
    To be a real man is to be unthinking, insensitive and stupid. Yes, Sir, yes, SAH!

  2. Beth says:

    Seriously girls love a guy that is sentive and caring etc. Generally girls don’t care how much a guy can bench press. It’s like that saying I read in an email about 50 things guys should know about chicks which said something to the effect that "we don’t care how much you can bench press just be able to make us laugh" or something like that.

  3. Korelee says:

    I’m lucky. I grew up without gender discrimination. Truthfully I’m only racially discriminated against.
    But seriously – Though I grew up with dolls and shit I was the only who had fifty toy cars and enjoyed climbing trees and all that stuff. I was such a tomboy lol.
    Sorry I couldn’t do anything today, maybe when I get back?

  4. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I hope you remember the time I told you that your story about two people waking up simultaneously could have been an indictment of gender constructs…
    But I hope you know that I know, 100%, what you mean. I know people who have become disillusioned and confused because society forces them into pre-packaged images of what men and women should be which inhibits the individuality that we should be allowed to cultivate. To care is not to be weak- in fact, if we are able to cast off self-indulgent fantasies of ourselves being the centre of our own anaesthetised universes then we truly become transcendent. Selfishness and a lack of care is weakness- we live in a society shackled by the overpowering influence of hollywood and pop culture which tells us, constantly, that men should not care. Just remember that the man that does not care is a eunuch. He is useless and perfunctory and weak. However, the man who cares does not make him weak (just like women are supposed to be weak), it makes him powerful. Above all, the thing to remember is that essentially, the world is a good place, but the teenage world isolated is a world inhabited by 99% absolute mediocrity- people who are doing and will always do sweet fuck all with their lives. There will come a time when you will be able to surpass all of this- when that time comes, you may only have frustrated memories of the past- but you can say that, whatever you resigned yourself to do, you were never, ever, a member of that mediocrity.

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