I am not supposed to be online today, but I had to write some things down, and my hand is far too slow to do the job.

Joy is easy to find- happiness is not. Success is difficult to achieve, but a happy life, less so. Then, should it not be, that one should strive for a successful, comfortable life, and then find the happiness in it? It sure sounds like a better idea than setting your future to be mediocre, but enjoying it anyway.

Some people are high up in the sky, not bound to this (often) miserable existence. It happens to all of us, occassionally, when we could hardly care more for the troubles of the world. They’re the lucky ones, and just because they’re up there doesn’t mean they won’t occassoinally dip back down to Earth. A reality check, I think they call it. Well at any rate, life isn’t meant to be lived in the clouds. Kinda sucks, but I think it’s reasonably true. So where does that leave me?

Pick up the pace, and nail school in the ass.

(sorry for the irrelevance of this entry when looking at… current affairs)


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