The Minefield

My Dad was giving me one of his many lectures on the nature of life. I came up with the quote, "Life is like a minefield, with only one direction; forward." I wrote this story based on that quote.


“Welcome to the minefield,” the sign read.
“There is but one rule: You may go forwards, sideways, or diagonally, but you cannot go back. The rest of the journey is up to your jurisdiction.”

The boy gulped, and spared a moment to deliberate. He had heard stories of this place- no one knows how the mines got there, but there they were, scattered somewhere in the plain before him. He had heard how someone people had been clever, and moved the mines without exploding them, so as to trap enemies. Some people had learned to recognise the signs of danger, and avoided the mines entirely- but they learned safety by first being audacious. Others had been injured by the debris, but sometimes they would be lucky, and a friend would help carry them on through the field. Few people had ever made it all the way through the field, and fewer yet had ever returned.

The boy stared distrustfully at the ground in front of him; his next step could cost him a foot. Terrified, he shuffled forwards, and so began his journey for a destination he could not imagine.


One thought on “The Minefield

  1. Korelee says:

    Are you going to write more on this? I don’t really know, but it sounds like it could be an interesting story, with alot of ummm. ohh I’ve lost the word for it. Meaning, I guess. Alot of meaningful in it. Does that make sense?
    It could be a really good spiritualistic story. Meh, I’m hopeless at making sense, aren’t I? I think I’ll stick to poetry.

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