Random 2!

Music night last night. Some quality stuff- even in the Swing Band. Talented musicians in Swing Band (jazz, brass) get solos- Reuben was awesome, but Liam Dee… Haha, Liam was on the drums, and his solo was spastic. An epileptic octopus could not have done a better job. An epileptic octopus wouldn’t have had the mental capacity to shake its head like a rock star either. He’s a very cool person for several reason, namely being spastic, left-handed, colour-blind and a damn fine artist. On the topic of art, Patrick is one of the greatest artists I’ve met, and Eddie’s pretty damn awesome too. Sorry fellas, but Ivy beats you all,  hands down. Hm… Now there’s an idea. She’d probably be able to draw a masterpiece with her toes, or her mouth or something.

Hockey game today. We were up against Hale for the second week in a row, for reasons too complex to explain. We lost 8-1 last week, and 4-0 this week. Do you know what that means? It means we were practically twice as good this week! The first half was awesome- of all the games I’ve played, my team has never been quite as skilled as they were today. It was the most awesome feeling in the world, sprinting across the field, snatching the ball and running it back up the field. Normally I hate exertion of that magnitude, but today, the wind in my face inspired adrenaline with every breath.

I love Animorphs. I forgot how much I missed it. I read one of them today- book 3, where Tobias (coolest name ever- must steal it for future stories) was contemplating his self-identity as a human while physically being a red-tailed hawk. I nearly cried, and I definitely felt something in my chest become heavy as Rachel told him they couldn’t escape, and that when they were caught, they were going to die fighting for humanity. It’s the most beautiful series, and funny too. Seriously, one day (I’ll make time for it. I MUST) I’m going to go to a library and read all the animorph books I can get my hands on, one after the other. They take about an hour each, but if I can get my speed-reading up, it should take half an hour or so. My favourite childhood series, without question. Each book means so much to me.

Yay to music, sports and literature. That leaves religion… Um, woots to JC and all the miracles of God. Puh-raise to the Lord!

PS: Will I ever see Loza again? This is currently among my concerns.
PPS: The parentals… I’ll make a separate entry.


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