This place needed an update, so here’s one.
In Chemistry today, we were learning about titration reactions.
"Because of the unlimited demand for tits, and the limited supply, the economic problem can be answered by tit rations!" – Jacob Moffit, 2006.
"Little does Mr Lambourne know, I hid a bottle of buthane in my clay sculpture." -Jacob again. Buthane explodes, btw, and hiding it in a furnace is a stroke of genius.
Vinga-chiva finally came in handy. Paul had it coming, and in a headlock…  I had to eat my choc-top.
-I got close to my first genuine fight at Trinity. I actually wanted to hurt him. I could have snapped his neck if I used more strength to… yeah. And it was justified, because he initiated, and had me in a head lock.
-My knuckle is bleeding. I scraped it on a locker or my books by accident, but Jacob asked me who I had been fighting. He knew the reason. Ben wondered if I had clipped someone on the teeth.
Vinga-chiva is a Capoeira move where you step behind the opponent and trip them. Because Paul was in front of me, it was easy. He didn’t let go when he was tripped though, and it brought us both to the ground, where I piledrived him with my elbow.  I wanted to hurt him, because he was being an asshole and was pretending to rape me again. I saw a picture today, when he had me in a headlock- I looked pitiful. Apparently he wants to get me back for Friday. If he does try something, I think I’ll be inclined to fight back.
Patrick taught me something today. Yes Patrick, you. That I’m even weaker than I thought. Physically, I don’t know why. Genetics or just environment, but regardless of the reason, anyone of decent strength could reverse a strangle-hold because I’m just not strong enough to keep them locked. I’ll stick to kicks and jabs and rely on speed to counter. Maybe I do suck at fighting? Very possibly, but until I get into a real fight, with someone I genuinely want to hurt, then I can’t say. It’s terrible of me, but I’m going to try and nudge Paul into it. He’s a more than worthy opponent.

5 thoughts on “Random

  1. Beth says:

    I am sooo lost

  2. Georgie says:

    ooohh becoming a rebel arnt we?

  3. Pat. says:

    Whoa, that was freaky. I was just reading that "yes patrick, you" and thought, "Is John watching me?!"
    Lol good one, chum (hey, that ryhmes).

  4. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I don’t like all this talk about weakness!
    PS: How did Pat make you realise that you were weak?

  5. John says:

    Good question, thanks for asking. 

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