I don’t know what time it is. Period 3 on a Tuesday. I’m failing maths. Like, literally failing maths. No long is this an idle threat- it is malignant, and worthy of serious contemptation. 80’s and up are A’s. Under 65’s are C’s. I’m a D. Brad Shaw’s down here with me, tying for worst in class, at 46%. This is my all time lowest point in maths. I may have to sacrifice those $15 a week and take up tuition. [My mother pays me an additional $15 on top of my pocket money if I don’t take tuition, because it’s cheaper for her.] My income just dropped 25% at the cost of doing well in maths. I genuinely don’t know if it was worth it.


My Reading List has been changed to my Reading, Writing and Watching list. I would imagine if I were to work consecutively for three months I would get it done. That’s with scant sleep. If you were to add the video games I have to play, as well, (Prince of Persia, Windwaker, Ocarina of Time, Crystal Shards, soon to be Twilight Princess [OMFG!!!] and all those merciful classics I wish I had played, like Lost Kingdoms…) We’re talking about a year, maybe three. And all this while I re-start Gunbound. I think I’ll just delete my account to save me the agony of wasting my life on it.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, there are about 25 fanfics I want to read from an author known as Canihaveasoda. A chapter takes about 20 minutes, so collectively we’re looking at a fornight’s reading, if I do nothing else. All this while I have school and half a social life to maintain.


DOUBLE EDIT: Also have to watch "Shakespeare in Love"


One thought on “20/06/06

  1. Korelee says:

    Shakespeare in Love is a very good movie lol. I absolutely loved it! It made me believe in shit again, it was a great movie to lose my sleep over. I loved the music in it, I think you’ll love it too.

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