Chess, anyone?

This is a rather terrible story that I wrote just now. I’ve been meaning to, for a long time, write a story based on a chess game- two armies, two kings. The names Hamlet and Fortinbras are just names which I threw in for fun, and it was with some difficulty I managed to write this. I’m better at telling than re-telling, but I played a game of chess with myself and put it into words- a re-telling.

Inspired by the movie Moonlight, where a single knight surged against an evil army and slay dozens to reach the king. During the movie, there was a scene where the evil king inspected a chess board, where a single white knight challenged a sea of black.

I consider this project a failure, for I gave up on making it sound like a real battle halfway through, but perhaps you have the patience to think otherwise. Personally though, I couldn’t care much less. I wanted to write it, I wrote it, it’s ghastly, but it was written. I can finally cross something off my To-Do list.



[story deleted]


Upon reflection,  it was that bad. It isn’t worth publishing, but hell, at least I wrote it.


3 thoughts on “Chess, anyone?

  1. Pat. says:

    That chess board sure seems to prop up a lot in your stories. Probably because chess is such a dangerous game. I mean, people have NO idea what stepping on a pawn, bare foot is like! ouch!

  2. Ivy says:

    Lol Pat, that’s funny.
    Reckon Sol would have been interested in the story.

  3. Korelee says:

    I don’t think you should have deleted it. No matter what you write, it is still a monument, and hell maybe someday somebody will consider that piece of writing as their Bible. You just have to believe, and hope to hell that somebody will someday have that way of thinking ;-)
    Keep writing Xin-san. The world needs more scholars.

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