Dear bee-log readers,

Yes, I know it’s not pronounced bee-log. The word is blog. Thank you for correcting me, but I thought I’d do it first before you got the chance.


I feel kinda sucky. Georgie and I were going to the movies today, but she had to cancel for various reasons. I accepted her numerous apologies, and am sorry that she felt a tendril of guilt on my behalf. That said, the past 12 or so hours have been spent in semi-torture to plan around going to the movies. I couldn’t sleep until 4am (or rather, refused to sleep until 4am, because I just didn’t want to), so my sleeping patterns are incredibly screwed up, because I woke at around 8- an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. My internal clock likes to bully me, you see. So I heaved myself out of bed, quite physically wretched. I am sick, readers, but X-men 3! You just can’t be sick when you’re going to watch X-3! You can’t let yourself be distracted by the physical world! So I did what I could to stomach it.

Long story short, my throat is vile and my mind dull. I don’t feel able to concentrate on anything, so I plan to raise Eugene’s Construction Level in RuneScape. He’s paying me to do it, 40 cents per 1000xp. I’ve made about $120 collectively, which I daresay is worth the hours it cost me. I wouldn’t have spent them productively otherwise. He’s transfering the money to my bank account, so it’s unlikely he’ll blackmail me out of paying.

So yeah. I don’t feel like reading, I shudder at the thought of going back to bed (I don’t know why. I just don’t want to,) and I spent a few too many hours playing video games in the early hours of the morning. My brain is partially rotten, and I have church to-night. Oh joy. Human bio tomorrow. It’s an exam, worth some 30% of the final mark. Should I study? Nah, just an early night should do the trick. If I don’t know my stuff now, I won’t know my stuff tomorrow. So I’ll just presume I know my stuff, and not bother studying until tomorrow morning, as per usual. Funnily enough, I’m most productive during cram sessions. I can do three times as much work in the same amount of time when I’m cramming before an exam. It’s a horrible gift.

Well, I’ll stop rambling. I am grumpy, sick, tired… Swallowing is uncomfortable, drinking is damned. Eating? Don’t get me started, seriously. But I am not having a very good day, simply because I am too tired to see the good in any of it. Ah well. RuneScape, the game I swore I would stop playing, is calling me. It’s time to make some money.

~Lord Xin, Lord of All Lords in RuneScape.

UPDATE: Now feel vomitty. Constant threat of nausea. I guess pregnant women have it worse with morning sickness and all that, so why the devil am I complaining? All the same, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go to the movies with Georgie today. I hope I’m better for my exam tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll survive two and a half hours in a hall of Silence. I also made $40 off Eugene.


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