Suck on that, Bo Staff!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new addition to the family, but first, a moment of silence, if you will.

[by reading this text, you are being silent and are not distracted by anything other than remembering that you should be silent.]

That was a second of reverence for Samurai Novelties, the sword shop two minutes away that’s closing down. John, the owner, is shipping off with all his merchandise. May his swords stay sharp.

That said, he gave me a discount on the naginata I’ve been dreaming of for weeks. The naginata is a Japanese spear, with a curved, single-sided blade on the end. Ever since I first saw it (the time I bought my katana set), I wanted it. It was either that, or three swords, plus an extra fifty bucks or so. I didn’t buy it then, and pushed it to the back of my mind.

One day, while in the vacinity, I browsed his warez and gasped. The naginata had been reduced from 145 to 110. I pleaded with mother dearest for days, weeks even! She got too fed up with it, and begged for peace. I conceded. But yesterday! Just yesterday! We were in Kenwick Village to buy Eugene a pie (all your pie are belong to us!), I skipped in to buy a poster or two (cloth, not paper). Then, I discovered he was leaving in a few days or weeks at the most. Being the weekend, I couldn’t afford to risk not returning, and so as a closing deal, he offered the weapon for $100, cash. Mum nearly screamed when she saw what it was- she presumed it to be another sword, but she was scared of even looking at the wicked scythe.

List of everything I’ve bought from Samurai Novelties:
$90 – Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto.
$25 – Necklace and earrings.
$12 – Poster x 2
$100 – Naginata

I’ve saved a total of $69 with all the discounts he’s given me, which is enough to buy like, two wicked ass daggers. Still, since he’s moving, I can’t. Not that I would. I’ve spent enough money on my crazy obssession as it is. I’ll put a picture or two up as soon as Eugene gets out of bed. Yes, he’s still asleep at 2:30pm. He slept at some time around 5am I think, so it’s fair enough, but the camera’s in his room. I’ll stop rambling now. Peace be with the Samurai.

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