Medieval Madness

So there I was, right? In the library, studying some economics (or trying to) and being a good student. And that’s when it began. The Madness, I mean.

The first thing that gave an indication was the guy carrying a big bag with shiny metal things sticking out the top. My mouth dropped open. He was dressed in a cloak with leather armour and your standard medieval gear. Stereotypical, really. He was followed by "The Master of Arms", who looked like a peasant with a dagger. Apparently, the library was hosting a display of medieval action, and luckily enough, I was there to catch it.

As the crowd gathered around, the two men started explaining the gist of the night. And then came Goroth the Black. Now this guy is seriously cool. Light brown hair that dropped just past his shoulders, braces adorning his arms. He wore solid black, with two emblems on each breast- a dog (his own emblem) and the Dark Sun. He donned leather boots, and everything about him was just… Oh, man, just picture Boromir and you have him right there.

These guys went through the different swords. Advantages, disadvantages, different combinations. Armour, shields, and the gist of it. They duelled with different weapons (and it looked rather haphazardly if you ask me, but I guess that’s how it is in reality, when it’s not choreographed by a film director), all blunt of course, and gave us a good half hour to inspect them all. No swinging allowed, which I ceded to, in exchange for carrying the different weapons.

They had no katanas! The weapons were all European, rapiers, broadswords, hand-and-a-half swords and the likes. They were fun to test the weight of, but because of the variety (and the lack of Japanese blades) I had trouble finding a combination I liked. Dale (leather armour guy) noticed me spinning the battleaxe in one hand with a massive shield in the other.
"Rather adventurous, aren’t you?" he commented. It was half a scolding, so I settled down. However, when he was talking to another girl who was there about the strengths of the aforementioned axe, he demonstrated by suddenly thrusting the end of it in my face. I was backed against a wall, so I couldn’t jump back (not that I think I would, even if I could have. For some reason it’s against my nature to take flight when I can fight). Before my brain could quite grasp what my body was doing, I raised the sword I was holding and caught the axe before it hit me. The shing of metal on metal rang about the room, and a few faces turned. I was half a second away from swinging the sword at his groin when I got a grip on myself. He laughed and complimented me on his reflex. He wants to take me on as a student, but somehow I doubt I’ll find the time.

Chainmail is extraordinarily heavy. I wouldn’t wear it, given the choice. I’d rather go with leather armour, hardened with wax, seriously. I’m talking to Pat specifically here, but we’ll probably argue this on MSN some time.

Ranting off somemore, I also asked them about my custom weapon- the one that had just always taken my fancy.  Across your forearm, there is a blade instead of a vambrace (arm guard). You could still hold a sword if you wanted to, and would be able to slash and block with your arm itself. It’s my ideal weapon, but he warned me you’d need to leave space for your wrist to maneuver without cutting your hand open.

Funnily enough, Dale has almost the exact same fighting style as I do. He spins the blade and twirls it to gain momentum. The follow through is very powerful, but well controlled, not to mentioned very fast. As a general rule though, a fight is over within five moves on either side. You’d have to be as pro as Dale (22 years experience) to survive much longer.

By the way, Michael (Goroth aka Boromir) has a wicked dagger. The second heaviest in Western Australia that’s actually used for duelling. He’s mastered throwing it, so he could impale an apple with it if he wanted to. The guard is cool, because you can use it to catch a sword and disarm someone. Dale is the only person he hasn’t managed to disarm, because Dale’s just so damn pro. Dale took on Michael (who was armed with two short swords) and won. Yaaaaaaaaay! I plan to write a story later. I like swords!


3 thoughts on “Medieval Madness

  1. Pat. says:


  2. Beth says:

    See the library’s not such a bad place to hang out.
    Boromir is played by Sean Bean isn’t he? Why wasn’t I there????

  3. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    The best part is, it obviously happened on the day of the Economics exam, and despite my presence not 20 metres away from the library, I conveniently missed every second of it.

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