Ha HA!

Zomg. Intro Calc test today. That’s some majorly negative qi.
06/06/06. Won’t happen again for a millenia. The Devil’s Day.
As I learned in maths, a double – is a +! So what was the highlight of the day?

Winning an iPod Nano for $5.

I got it from an arcade game! A measly, lousy arcade game that insulted and taunted me. It’s so basic, it’s so simple, it’s so easy it hurts! Just three blocks, moving left and right across a grid about a 9 blocks wide and 15 blocks up. You stack them up, and the higher you get, the faster the blocks move, until about 6 from the top you lose two blocks so it’s just stacking one. It’s infuriatingly simple, and yet I lost it three times in a row. I was sorely tempted not to try it a fourth, but Richard and Lex said I may as well. And I got my iPod! After a brief scare, in which it got stuck. You know those vending machines? Where your food is in the slots of the screw, which spins around to give you your packet of whatever? Yeah the ipod was hanging off one of those, and the screw stopped revolving half a rotation away from dropping the iPod. I literally screamed and clawed at the glass. Lex started swearing and rocking the machine, but Richard was the only one with enough sense to tell me to go tell the clark guy.

Anyway, so yeah! IPod!Which Eugene discarded almost immediately. Mum sort of blurted it out. "By the way, John won an iPod… playing the game one." Yeah thanks Mum. I wasn’t going to tell him so he wouldn’t take it for himself. Which he did, anyway, but he traded his 5 gigabyte MP3 player for it so I can’t complain.

Despite the fact I don’t like music players (because when you plug those headphones into your ears, you immediately close off the rest of the world) I’m still elated that I won. The euphoria’s sort of worn off now, though, and I’ve rambled quite long enough methinks. I’d love to spend the night playing Prince of Persia. Maybe I’ll take a break? As Liam flattered me by quoting,
"Don’t let it get to you. Failing won’t change anything."

5 thoughts on “WOOTS!!

  1. Ivy says:

    I know that game. I tried like 20 times, but always only nearly made it. Sol tried with me, but we’re broke people with not fast enough reflexes, so heck. We spent the rest of the money on smoothies instead. More pleasing than a new player, if you ask me.

  2. Ivy says:

    Okay, not really. But I’d still love a mango smoothie from Sol right now.  *sigh*

  3. Pat. says:

    Hey COngrats mate! Enjoy your music.

  4. Irza says:

    Hey. You never told me you gave it, or well.. .traded it to your bro. Anyways, you can always just use 1 earphone, leaving the other one hanging. Umm…  yea… and music boosts up so many things. Like it helps the "adreneline" rush. Well punk or metal music do. Dunno about classical though :S.

  5. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    On the subject of music players, there’s an anthrorobotic argument saying that the synthesis between the human and the machine began with the advent of the iPod. Scary, isn’t it? Personally, I prefer to use black headphones with my iPod, because A: I reckon it looks cooler and B: it doesn’t, unlike the white iPod headphones, immediately scream to onlookers "OMG look at me!!! I’m a consumer whore!!!"
    On topic, yay! You got an iPod!

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