Yeah I’ve been a pretty arrogant prick lately. Sorry for that. Really, I am, and if it’s possible, I humble myself again. Thanks for the reality check. Everyone.

5 thoughts on “*blink*

  1. Michael says:

    yeah, you left5 a comment on my space, asking who I was. well, there are some that call me the Deceiver, others cal me the Confuser. But to the rest of the world, I am known as bob

  2. T3h ASHLAY says:

    You left a comment on my space well two actually….Watch out boys…is a science fictional narative, which focuses more on personal relations than science. Part II is obviously a follow on from part I so if you haven’t read that you might get the idea if you do. I have a series of seven parts at the moment…..but yeah that really equates to a chapter and  a half….so I can understand if it’s a bit confusing……..As for the not going back…never going back to men….I have issues with being used, cheated on, told I was the biggest mistake of someones life, and then thrown out on the curb. But apparently I’m awesome in bed….stupid fucked up arrogant son of a whore. *coughs* just a little bitter is all…..

  3. John says:

    Lol, you’re one crazy fella. Who are you, exactly?
    If you live in Australia, or better yet, Perth, then we’ll catch up some time. However, you’re just doing all the talking right now. There are four people I have seriously fought in my lifetime; Myron Speed, Joshua Allen, Joshua Maxfield and Peter Spano. And all of them were when I was 11 or younger. Because I fought Peter and Josh Allen at the same time (and won, surprisingly), that leaves two options. Josh Maxfield and Myron Speed. Both of them are distant friends of mine.
    Exactly what do you want from me, Zin? If I could have finished you off once, then what makes you think I’d not be able to again?

  4. John says:

    Troppy? Matt Tropianno? (at least I think that’s how you spell his/your name)
    He’s one of the few people who would actually consider himself a "gangsta". Sure sounds like Troppy, but I don’t recall a 1:1 with no one there. We did have a brief encounter in the corridor… Hm. Troppy’s my best bet right now. I guess I’ll find out in a few hours. He’s also liable to bring friends in who are both able and willing to bash someone to a reasonably bloodied slosh. It’s a good guess. Hm…

  5. Mai Mai says:

    Unless of course you’re Curtis Taylor. The guy who snapped my plastic sword (which Ivy for got me) at the Mercedes Social last year. Curtis, if that’s you mate, why the hell would you want to fight me? I didn’t do anything to you- it was YOU who broke my sword, and then you got obsessed with the idea I wanted to fight you because of it. That’s not very logical, unless you’re just looking for a fight and you think I’d make a decent one. I’d say 70% chance it’s Taylor, 30% chance it’s Troppy. Curtis is exactly the type of goon to approach you with a circle of five friends and challenge you to a fight- it happened a few months ago during Peer Ministry.

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