Intruders be warned!

This entry is to the idiots at school who have found it suddenly popular to besmirch MSN spaces and pry, unwonted and unwanted, into the lives of the peer. By this, I mean (for those of you less adept at English), those idiots at school who think it’s cool to diss me about the content of my weblog. You’re not cool. If what I post amuses you, fine, that doesn’t bother me. But don’t knock me for it. Idiots.


Dear ignorant scum of the Earth,

You don’t gain anything by befouling my domain. This is my webspace. This is where I write things. About my day, about my thoughts, about my dreams, woes and whims. Get over yourselves.

And for the record, don’t let me hear you uttering the name Xin in my presence. As Troy learned today, it’s a touchy issue for me if I don’t consider you worthy (yes, worthy) of calling me that. If you’re still out there reading, by all means, continue. Just don’t bring it up while we’re at school, okay fellas? I’m getting closer to evaporation point.

How the hell did you all get my email address anyway? I’ll be investigating this further.


PS: Are you so cowardly as to comment without identity? Be damned! Spineless briggands.


5 thoughts on “Intruders be warned!

  1. Ivy says:

    John, Xin is a name you give yourself. Others have all right to use it. Afterall, you gave yourself this name, why should you complain? It’s like telling people, "Oh, you’re not allowed to call me John, you’re not worthy. So just refer to me as Master."
    You’re contrasting yourself. What you choose to publicise you choose to expose it to critique. If you don’t want people looking at your blog then just lock it, or create a different, unknown blog. That is the consequence of words- it can be subject to the reader’s self reflection OR public critique. So I just thought I’d tell you what you’re saying here is your own choice, and it would be unfair if people are not allowed to use a publicised quote.
    If they’re using it to attack you, then you must either mind your words, or learn to live with it. Because that’s where they’re wrong, not you.

  2. jimba says:

    Yo John I got guts
    Its darty
    Peace Mate
    Thats all i wish Peace

  3. SAXOO says:

    hey johnny, saxon here.

    whatever ey im not scared of u, if u slice me in half with ur katana
    whatevs hey… ill just be dead and ull just goto jail most likely
    suffer a guilty life. i dont believe you’re capable of killing people
    either. Ivy makes it clear whats shes on about, great point. i vouch
    for Ivy on that Xin concern. Don’t call us "scum of the earth" dude. u
    gotta respect people regardless of their apparent intelligence. if
    you’re that snobbish about ur intelligence, in my opinion, you’re a
    loser. just be aware that people love to hack at weaknessess just for a
    laugh. this is the internet, ANYTHING can be done.

    i’m only commenting because you gave me a little invitation.. i will comment. and i will identify myself.


  4. Pat. says:

    Why It’s darty and saxon! How intruiging.
    Peace man

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