A Challenge

"Why?!" s/he cried to the night, but naught but Lady Silence herself answered him.
"For that is the way things must be," she chided.


Of little sense without context first known, but alas, this is how it is proferred, for this is how it was conjured. Those two sentences just have that ring to them, and so I challenge and whom so cares enough of literature.

Write a short story, or poem if you prefer, that ends with those two lines. I might take it up myself some day.


One thought on “A Challenge

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I love your stories. They’re vastly better than a lot of writing on the internet, which unfortunately succumbs to cliches which have been dreadfully raped by pop culture.
    And on the subject of pop culture, I feel like I need to defend my avid obsession with this Bjork video. If truth be told, I am just as appalled as you are- I never realised that the video was tagged on the internet to be some kind of robot porno. You have to realise that I first saw that video on a indie DVD, away from all kinds of advertisements and commercialisation, completely raw as an art form, and needless to say, I was absolutely blown away. Not only was it, to me, a work of sonic brilliance (I am in love with Bjork’s voice), but the construction of a mechanised wonderland in which the nature of industrial robotics became something marvellously beautiful.
    It was only recently that I began to see how the video was being labelled on the internet- taken only for its sex scene and not for the consummate artistic skill required to create it. Ironically, my favourite section of the whole movie is the first half- Bjork lying on the table, completely anaesthetised as robotic arms piece her body together. I appreciated  the last half, with the lesbian robots, but definitely did not find it as breathtaking as the first.
    Furthermore, perhaps my original statement that the video ‘changed my life’ was misleading. You know that I’m an overly exaggerating person, and I guess in retrospect that was a stupidly extreme thing to say- the video never really changed my view on life at all. All it really did, for me, is kindle an interest in the singer (an interest I still have ) and, in turn, compel me to become more immersed in different kinds of music. While I still see the video as one of the most visually powerful pieces of art I have ever seen, I would not claim that it was profoundly meaningful, and in truth, it could never, ever, have really changed my life, or my worldview.
    So I hope you understand the context of the way I saw that video, and perhaps you’ll be able to see why I still hold it in very high regard.
    PS- I know you think it ruins the effect when Bjork smiles upon the reconnaissance with her fellow robot, but I thought it was kind of endearing. After all, I didn’t think the whole video had to be cold and lonely.

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