Deep Sleep Dreaming

Dear log,

Gah. Night after night I am plagued by consecutive nightmares or strange dreams of some sort. I woke up perhaps six consecutive times last night, for no discernable cause. I remember I’ve been dreaming about the wratch of Mr Shackleton (chem teacher) which is baseless. I dreamed Mrs Slawomirski "pussywhipped" me. I’ve dreamt of having my katana disproved of by the passengers of a public train. Just then, I dreamed that I was part of a team of five that were destined to slay an evil demon, as a quest for RuneScape. And this wasn’t any ordinary demon- it was a thousand times stronger than us. That was truly terrifying, seeing this beast from hell and knowing you had to not only survive the encounter, but conquer it. (its weakpoint was the numbers on its back- there were five of them. By painting those five numbers on our own backs, we somehow beat it, but I wasn’t there when it happened- I had logged off to get a cup of milo.)

Anyways, sorry for digressing. I’m very tired, and it bloody pisses me off. I sleep early because then I can wake up early, refreshed from nine hours sleep, but it’s all futile if I keep waking up during the night! I’m tired, and just a little grumpy. I have maths, English, Chem, Human Bio and Music to do. Music is going to be the hardest, because today is performance day, and we have to play two songs. I’m not good enough at any of the songs I’m currently learning, so in desperation, I chose one from two years ago, and another which I’ve been teaching myself. Ben Caddy’s going to get the music award this year. I have yet to beat him in ANY assessment. Erlack.


2 thoughts on “Deep Sleep Dreaming

  1. Pat. says:

    Something has just happened. Ask me what it is.
    cheers out man

  2. Anthony says:

    Sleeping pills.
    Get some.

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