Wake up calls

[Lauren called me last night. It was at 9.40, and she woke me up. All I remember was saying that no, she hadn’t woke me up, and it was quite all right for her to call. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I think it was something serious o.O]

This was even better than Jack’s reaction.

Lol poor Matthew. He came over last night, but I went to bed early and he slept in (if it counts as sleeping in when it’s only 7.15am). I wanted to show him my swords, for I would have no other chance, and though I knew it was terribly wrong of me, I snuck into Eugene’s room where he was sleeping and shook his shoulder. No response. I patted it cautiously, peering at him. Asleep. I smiled, and poked his cheek, but still, his eyes did naught but rest. So I drummed my fingers across his face again and again and again until his eyelids burst open and he cried,

His fists were raised, his eyes were wild, panicking and confused and I jumped back, my own fists raised. Then I put my finger to my lip, signalled for him to follow me, and crept back out. He fell back down onto the pillow, his eyes closed. I’m still not sure if he was acting or not. Sorry Matt.


2 thoughts on “Wake up calls

  1. Beth says:

    have no comment really I’m just trying to find something to fill in the time.

  2. Matthew says:

    Maybe you should have continued to try to awake Matthew. If he likes swords, he likes swords enough to be woken up early.On the other hand, if his reaction truly was that extreme, maybe best to leave lying lions alone, so to speak.

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