Sir Xin the Warrior

I was going over some old homework, and I found one that required role play. While regal divinity does sound rather appealing, I knew there was little question in my heart who I would rather role play as. This was an oral presentation for Speech and Drama.


Friends and foes alike, I bid you good tidings. I am Xin,
though some of you may know me as my alter-ego, “John Marshall”. Yes…
*chuckles* Now you see my true identity. John Marshall never existed- he was a
role I played in order to deceive you all, and go by unnoticed. But now I stand
before you as I am. As my heart truly shines. A warrior.

Student by day, assassin by night. I am one of the youngest,
serious mercenaries on the planet. I
do my job, and I do it well. I either succeed, or die, and as you can tell from
my presence here, the latter has yet to pass. So, I’m expected to give you a
speech. That why they called me up here. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you
fellas, but I am no fairy princess who’s going to tell you about the magical
shining waterfalls and the pretty butterflies that flitter through my kingdom.

My life is a hard one. John Marshall is not a good liar. I
am. There is not a single person in the room who could outmatch me with a
blade, of this I cannot prove, but believe with all my heart. That is why any
whomsoever tries will fail. Because a fearless enemy is the dangerous kind.
When you’ve got so little to lose, death doesn’t seem like such a big deal.
I’ve befriended Her. Death, I mean. She’s a she, by the way. Little known fact,
but I am here to educate the ignorant after all.

I am not well trained in any particular art. When armed with
a sword, I do not use technique- I just maneuver the blade in such a way that
it lands home, or it stops a like blade from reaching me. In mano il mano it is likewise, except my
strikes hurt less.

I cannot throw a shuriken for little more than to save my
own life. Throwing knives have been a weakness of mine, ever since I was
harassed by a clown years ago- long story, ask no questions and receive no lies.
I haven’t held a bow since I was 9-years-old, and my only experience with
firearms have been the laser-kind that does little more than annoy an enemy if
you shine it in his eyes. So what makes me a better assassin than anyone else?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just happen to be agile- a single quality of
perfection that has enabled me the ability to live, and take life.

It’s well known that I’m a ninja, just because I can do hand
springs and round offs and pathetic acrobatics. Ninjas aren’t acrobats, you
poor fools. They are the dark creatures whom are one with the night. I am not
one of them, as much as I wish I were. I am more like a samurai- I have codes
of honour, and my weapon of choice is a single-sided, curved katana. This is
different from the straight blade of a ninja sword. That tells you a lot about me, but I’ll leave you to figure out what. The sword is the embodiment of the spirit. Think about it.

All the same, do not fear me. There’s no reason to. Not
unless, by some ungodly chance, you are cursed with the misfortune of tipping
me over the edge. Then you should not expect to live, for nothing in this known
world would be able to restrain my wrath. This is the message that I bring to
all of you. That though I dress as a school-boy, I have the heart, if not
the strength, of a warrior. One who would gladly travel the lands looking for a
true challenge, if it were still permitted to carry swords in this country.
A true samurai never relinquishes his blade, but alas… Such times are hard for warriors like myself.

So, gentlemen, you have had the liberty of hearing about my
role. The guise of a student, young but aspiring, who answers to the name "John Marshall". I trust you will not get the
two of us confused.

-End of speech-


One thought on “Sir Xin the Warrior

  1. Pat. says:

    That is SO Asian (no offence mate).

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