Fate’s Dice

Fate smiled slowly as his dice came to a stop.

“Pain and tears,” he interpreted. A girl screamed in a mother’s agony as her child entered the world, stillborn. He grinned, and rolled again.

“A joyful meeting!” he exclaimed, reading the first die. As the second slow in its roll, he frowned in mock sympathy. “That’s doomed from the start,” he finished, as a boy smiled shyly at a girl sitting on the train in front of him.

He flicked his wrist, and another destiny was chosen.

“True love,” he whispered as the dice flashed at him. Two heartbeats joined harmoniously as a couple embraced. He narrowed his eyes and swept his hand across the table angrily, scattering the dice. As they slowed in their roll, Fate saw what they would land on, and smiled wickedly.

“Death,” he hissed, licking his lips.

“Ah, mortal life,” he sighed, sitting back in his chair.

“How fragile. How… fun.”

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