We’re allowed to bring in a cup and some sort of powdered beverage on Wednesday mornings. Mr Gillies, of Intro Calc, it cool about that. He provides the water and milk, and so we enjoy the lesson all the moreso.
"Milo!" he exclaimed. I smiled. "Sugar? Milk?" I shook my head twice. "Just hot water? Suuure?" "Quite," I answered.
When he peered in Christian’s cup (for we were the only two who remembered to bring anything),
"Oo, that’s some nice coffee. You’re going to be awake all day. Anyone else?" he asked as he took both mugs and glanced across the classroom. A voice from the back came, meekly.
"I’ll have some hot water…"


Lol, Mr Gillies is such a great mate.
"What colour is that shirt?" asked his colour blind friend when they were out, shopping together.
"Oh, a really nice blue," said Mr Gillies. (It was a most revolting purple, he told us.)
It was only fifty bucks, but it was well spent. Mr Gillies and all his other mates have a laugh when their colour-blind friend wonders why he can’t pick up chicks :P


All of a sudden, I love chemistry and I love maths. How the hell did that happen? Such simple-minded tranquility I feel. Is it because I actually know what I’m doing for once?
Yes! It is! The understand and simple, sheer joy of being able to follow the class! My God it feels good.


Revelation! Tristen and Isolde. Look up "tryst" in the dictionary! Oh it’s such a marvellous film!


"If you have a heartbeat, I think you have rhythm." -John Butler, 2006.

He actually came to Trinity College and sat down to answer questions about how he got where he did. He’s actually a really, really ordinary guy who believes strongly in being righteous. He’s almost a hippy, and I am awed by his coolness. He’s cooler than anyone I’ve ever met, and he’s made me believe in something. In what, I don’t know, but it’s the belief that counts. It’s the hope.

I also struck a string on his guitar when he wasn’t there! :D Oooo, rebel.
Your brother was there, but you missed out. Too bad, eh Patrick?


Mr Gillies, again, is a champion. He was trying to stick a thumbtack into a piece of paper on the notice board, but it wouldn’t go in. He left the room for a few minutes and came back wielding a staple gun.
"Take that you swine!" he cried as he nailed that sucker good.
It’s one of my favourite quotes, ever, and it makes me laugh every time I remember his face when he pulled the trigger. It was like he was saying "Ha! Who’s the tough guy now, Mr Paper-who’s-stapled-to-a-board?"


Snippets conclude.


2 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Matthew says:

    High school. Such a blast!

  2. Pat. says:

    Meh. I’ve got his album, signed by  him. I’m not fussed.

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