Lol pay attention! That goes to you too, Georgie. I said by MY definition, I am an emo. That means  I whinge and whine about the problems everyone else grits their teeth and bears.
Now that I’m not quite so depressed, I know I don’t suck as a pianist. I’m just not good. Seriously, it would be flattering so say I’m a good pianist. I’m not going to be more than mediocre, I know that. I’m not musically inclined, and I don’t have the time or patience to practice as much as I should.
Continuing on, Matthew’s house today! But first, in an hour or so, give or take, my interview with Mr Shackleton. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Matthew’s ability with swords. He has a range of weapons: several katanas, wakizashi’s (thank you for the spelling correction, Solomon) and tantos of course. Additionally he has a polearm that is a home-made imitation of Skye’s (from the movie, Hero).
In other news, my heart extends to Spencer, aka Killer Grizz, who will most likely never read these words. He lost his job a few weeks ago, and he can’t afford to pay the bills or go to school anymore. He has no relatives to turn to, and his girlfriend, who he’s been with for a year, just left him. He’s left, as far as I can tell, entirely alone in the world, and I can do nothing to help him. I pray for your repose, my friend. You’re in for tough times. Life in general is unjust.
"The one thing everyone in this world deserves is justice."

One thought on “Mmf.

  1. Pat. says:

    Lol- It’s all good thinking your’re emo and claiming you are. The tough part is that no-one else thinks you’re an emo. And they’re right. Only you.
    Cheer up man, it’s cool.

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