Matsuto’s Domicile

Quote of the day:
"While normal kids would be throwing a ball to each other, we’re throwing a spear."

Yeah, Matt and I hurled his spear at one another for the fun of it. We were in his front lawn, throwing it across the road. I’m terrible at throwing things, but he’s actually quite good. I caught a fair few, and dodged the others.

As to our battle to end all battles, it didn’t happen. As soon as I raised the sword, Matt freaked a little. He has an extreme phobia of being cut into tiny, bite-sized pieces. I wonder why. He is reasonably good with swords, but I seem to be slightly more flexible in my movements. He would lose in a real fight, I think.

Polearm vs katana = bad for katana. It’s surprisingly hard to block when the wielder of the aforementioned polearm can manouvre and attack quickly. It’s also nigh impossible to survive an onslaught if you’re unarmed.

There’s one major thing I learned today. I have no real technique, I’m just hit and miss and hit again. I lack accuracy and grace, but I make up for that in speed and agility. I desperately seek professional training of some sort, and will look into this self-defence course Lady Shibi has been taking. I will devote myself to perfection, or the closest I can get.

PS: I am now making a huge effort to stop complaining, because frankly, no one likes a whinger. I’ll be the silent sufferer, and I will be as modest as I can be, because no one likes a smartass, either. Remind me if I stray from this.

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