I like blogging! So here I am, writing another one.

Yay. There was an impromptu debate last night, which I forgot about until Patrick asked me if I was ready. My heart nearly exploded. I called Dylan, who had already left, to double-check the time, and left the house minutes later to join him. Close call, but I made it only two minutes late.

I probably saw Emily amongst the crowds, but I didn’t realise she was a debater so didn’t bother searching.  I was going to approach the St Hilda’s girls and ask about Emily, but I  decided against it because the adjudicator was speaking. Darn, eh? She won by 38 points, which is a collosal victory. The most I’ve ever heard anyone win by is 18, which was my team on our first debate this year. Normally a victory is decided by 1-4 points difference, but man, she pwned. Good on you Em.

My debate was plain. "Australians pay too much tax." I didn’t actually contribute anything to the ideas. Nothing.Underlined nothing. It was pathetic, everyone was telling me how useless I was, and worse, because I actually do economics. Well fair cop, but current affairs has never been my strong point. Maybe I’ll just go third speaker so all I have to do is argue with the opposition.

Anyways, the other team didn’t turn up after 20 minutes, so they forfeited and we won. We went home early, and I stayed up to finish my chemistry assignment. Alas, I’m quite far behind in literature now, having not done a single piece of homework in two weeks. That’s my problem. I can only focus on one subject at a time to do well in. It was Human Bio on the weekend, Chem Monday/Tuesday, and I’d better knuckle down and get my Intro Calc and English together.

Gotta go. School summons. I answer.


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