Sharing a drink called Loneliness

Dear Diary,

Must do work. Tis Sunday, and I’ve been procrastinating for the past hour. It depresses me to think of everything I need to get done today. Church in the evening, moreso. Does anybody else have to give two and a half hours a week to go to church?

-sigh- I miss so many people. Richard, (yes, you, Chewie), Ellie, Willow, Loza, Ivy, Shibi, Jack and everyone else that matters to me. There is nothing in the world I would rather do than hug (or get hugged by) any of the above- preferrably one of the girls. I’m just feeling lonely like that.

So much to do today. It seems I’ll never find enough time to mark off my Short Term Goal list. Maybe this Tuesday, when we have a day off, I can spend it watching all the movies I want to see and reading all the books I want to read. That’s what I long for. Enough time to do everything I want to, without school throwing spanners at me.

Alas. Such things are seldom meant to be. I miss [aforementioned friends]. We have to meet up again soon. All of you. I’ll make a huge effort to visit everyone or go out together these coming school holidays. Only… 7 weeks away, or so. Well, until then, my friends.

Sincerely yours, always with love,


PS: Swear count (total): 37. I’m so terrible. And I actually convinced Ellie and Loza that I didn’t swear. I feel guilty. And I’m seriously broke, now.


4 thoughts on “Sharing a drink called Loneliness

  1. Pat. says:

    Yeah, I do.

  2. Ivy says:

    Will you visit me?Too bad I can only send you a cyber hug. *huggles* But you know don’t you? How much I wanna hug you now make everything all right for you again. Don’t worry John. They are people in worse states. You? Swear? You never swear. You detest the habit. What the devil are you talking¬†about?

  3. Beth says:

    *hugs* i dont go to church anymore but even my church doesnt go for 2 and a half hours.

  4. Georgie says:


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