Alrighty! New computer!
Pro: Three times faster than the old one.
Con: Internet for some reason is about twice as slow, or more.
Pro: Er… Three times faster than the old one.
Con: All my documents have been annihilated. I don’t mind that so much, since everything that wasn’t a video or song was moved to my laptop in case this happened. Remember a few entries ago? I like to keep a spare copy of things.
Con: I’ve lost all my music, save the Zelda Archives, which I would never, ever risk losing, no matter how laggy my laptop is.
Con: Now spending the rest of the morning shifting files from my laptop to the PC, and re-downloading everything.
Pro: Three times faster. Wootage.
Meanwhile, hockey game up in an hour and a half. This is a journal entry from last week.
All right. First hockey match of the season. Up against Aquinas. Here’s my battleplan.
If we get thrashed beyond recovery, I dive on the ball and eat it in front of everybody. I then roll onto my back, burp loudly, and declare the game void.
Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
(After the match)
I’m bloody sore. My arms are sore, my legs ache, I’m enfeebled anddrained. Great sport, hockey. We lost 1-5 [it was actually 1-7] or summat. The Aquinas boys like to get on your nerves. Sadly, I almost let them. I was too busy not making death threats to focus on the game. Bah. Stuffed up a hand [spring] again. Wet grass = no. City now. Talk later.
Hockey’s a great sport, true, but I don’t have the endurance required to jog around the field for half an hour with scarce breaks. But I will survive. The coaches are getting a little bit fed up of my heart condition, but I know they would rather lose a match than have me collapse on the field, so I take advantage of my fatigue.
Anyway, new SSBB coming out! Combined with the Twilight Princess, I finally have something worth living for! Oh damn, I can barely wait! Knowing Nintendo, it’ll come out right during exams though.
PS: Making a huge effort to stop swearing. I put a strike on my hand every time I swear, and each strike is 50c. I don’t know what the money goes to yet, though, but it won’t be for me.
EDIT: Bloody awesome game, hockey! I take back everything bad I’ve said about it. This week we had 16 players, so we could sub frequently and take breaks to catch our breaths. That means every time you ran back out you had full energy and were kicking their asses. They couldn’t sub at all, and were playing three men down, so it was 11 on 8 at once.
It’s funny though. They still won, 4-2. It was interesting to note that their center forward managed to take one four defenders at once, and the goalie, and still score. In the first two minutes. I’m surprised we lost so badly, but then again, we are the worst team in the school. TC PRIDE!!
(greatest game of hockey I’ve ever played. Ever)
PPS: The ball has a tendency to attack me. It got me right in the joint between my shinpad and my boot. I think my ankle (tarsals?) might be hurt a bit, but at least I can walk relatively well.
Swear Count: 13 times today, 10 times yesterday. 7 of which came from the hockey match.
Hockey records over the years:
Wins: 2.
Draws: 3.
Losses: 37

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  1. ~*~immaculate conception~*~ says:

    i dunno its just that i found the smallest part in ur blog to read and comment       cuz to read all ur blog wud take a teensy weensy   part of time …  but ill come round to reading it all at one time or another

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