Warning: Sodomy alert.

Paul Raymondo is twisted. He called me a homophobe.

Can someone please remind me why it’s now considered cool to start humping someone while they’re looking through a microscope? Everyone seems to think it is. See? This is why I’m very conscious about bending over to tie my shoe, or to pick something up, or whatever the reason may be. If it’s not a kick in the ass, it’s a… ahem, nevermind. Point of the matter is, it’s called rape. Sexual harassment laws. Something to protect me and my virginity, please.

Bloody twisted… Seriously, it’s an honest question. Why is it cool to pretend to be gay, now?

PS: Stephen and I teamed up to go on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange [market]) under the name "Le Monstre Fromage" – The Monster Cheese. We came second worst in the class, which is amazing, because I thought we’d hit rock bottom. We managed to lose $3000 of the 50000 we started with, in the peak of a stock market boom. Trust Stephen to invest in bloody *Qantas. (thanks Pat)


2 thoughts on “Warning: Sodomy alert.

  1. Pat. says:

    Err..it’s Qantas.

  2. Georgie says:

    John you are a drama queen! You heard right! A Drama Queen (but not as big as me) but thats besides the point your’e a guy! Hello!
    p.s Your never on these days where are you??? send me and email because i must be missing you.

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