He Who Knows Nothing

I am incredibly weak. I’m a pushover in any arm-wrestle. Which says a lot about everyone who’s lost to me. I cannot do more than two chin-ups. Two! I have an incredibly low pain-barrier. I get a punch in the stomach, I’m out for a few seconds. I’m pathetic.

There are two things that give me the upper-hand to someone else in a fight.
1. My determination not to be weak. Note the words "not to be weak" rather than "to be strong". It’s a negative perception, but when you’re down, you can only get up, right? It gives me a reason to be determined.
2. My reputation for being a psychotic asian kamikaze terrorist.

Without the latter, I would be doomed. I’d get into a lot of fights I might not win. For the first time in weeks, I have finally realised that I’m not the champion of the world. If I have any "technique" at all, in a fight, it is based almost entirely on intimidation. Landing hits is easy enough. Landing hits that hurt are nigh impossible.

If you haven’t read the entry previous to this, read it now. Scroll down, go on.

I was taught a brutal reality by none other than the lecherous Paul Raymondo. I tried, honest to God did I try, to throw him off me, but he was just too strong. Nothing short of elbowing him in the face would have gotten me out of that one, and I suffered great humiliation that lesson in human biology. Paul gave me a game of mercy and offered me the first strike. I saw I wasn’t getting out of it, so I gave it a shot, but his hands didn’t even move. He just twisted and crumpled my fingers until I swore "Mercy!" at him.

I was powerless. There’s no other word for it. I’m a push-over. I can only imagine how horrible it would be to endure rape as a woman. It makes me want to die rather than think about the brutality.

I truly do wish there weren’t as many lug-heads in this world as there are. I wish to God that the media didn’t promote promiscuity and salacity. And I wish it weren’t cool to fucking rape someone in the ass while they’re trying to study.

PS: Anyone want to take a stab at what the title means?


One thought on “He Who Knows Nothing

  1. Georgie says:

    The key to winning mercy is to haveĀ long nails so you can (accidently) dig in thats how i always win maybe you should try growing your nails there is always another way^_^ evilness…

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