I’m starting to reconsider my great love for hockey. I’m currently in, to be whiney, agony. Unutterable pain. But then again, that’s just my fault for attempting to do a front flip.

Jack spent five hours mastering it at the local park, where he flipped onto sand. I wanted to catch up, and so I tried to get the hang of it on grass at hockey training today. Ouch. Not a very pleasant experience, shattering your coccyx. It felt so, anyway. And then I missed the bus to the train station so had to lug my bag around with a broken back. I also pulled my gluteus maximus, but neither of my coaches believed me, and sent me limping off around the goalposts anyway. But I just gave up complaining to people and "took it like a man". Horrible phrase, isn’t it? Also did a total of 50 push ups for screwing up an exercise. He gave me 20 for shooting a goal when I was supposed to pass the ball for a deflection. But of course I wasn’t listening when he said that, so I got twice as much as everyone else.

Also, I’m finding it very hard to keep up with the team. I’m not cut out for running around for 35 minute halves, trying to make myself open so I can steal the ball and score an awesome goal. I pull muscles and collapse, twitching on the ground very easily. It would be so much easier if I drop sports, but it’s worth being on a grass field. Limitless, really, being able to run as fast as you can for as long as you can and screaming war cries all the while.

I’m very, very sore. I guess this means no more ninja acrobatics for a while, though I am rather proud of being slightly more fearless than most other people.

PS: Yes, this entry was about nothing. I just felt like writing. I got, as I put ever so eloquently to Patrick, anal-raped by a chainsaw in my Intro Calc test. If I knew how to burst into tears, I probably would. I’d be extremely lucky to get anywhere near or above 20%. In all seriousness. I do not doubt it’s the worst mark in the year.


"True eroticism is achieved through art, not pornography."
-Matthew Bouwman, 2006.


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