Dear blog [sorry Matt] readers,

Mercy. Forgiveness, if you can spare it. That’s all I ask.

I’ve been a downright emo the past couple of days. I’ve been so caught up in stress and work and everything else on my plate that I’ve just been dying to whine to someone about it. I chose to bitch about everything that was on my mind to everyone reading this. It was selfish of me.

My definition of an emo is somewhere along the lines of someone who actively complains about the problems in his or her life, or lets them stew around in his or her head until they become depressed over them. Everyone has problems, but only emos let them rule the way they live.

By this definition, it’s safe to say I’ve been an emo. I’m sorry. Now, however, that I’ve done my English Essay (albeit, shittily so), about a tonne and a half has been lifted off my chest. It is genuinely easier for me to breathe. All I have to worry about now is getting my piano back up to scratch in time for performances, concerts and exams, and the Intro Calc test tomorrow. Ahh sweet liberty.


"From strange dreams are born brilliant realities."


One thought on “=)

  1. none says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH its all true, emos= whinges haha, finaly more people see this, ur forget one thing though and thats there facination with sharp object that they then menuever to make themself bleed, just mentioning it….but yes i compleatly agree with that analysis. yeps so i leave with these words of wisdom EAT YA PEA’S

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