“Life Saunters By”

For Lee. Once upon a time, we were talking. About what, I do not know. I said the phrase "Life saunters by", and thought it would make a nice poem.


Life saunters by as we sit and wait for company.
Life’s unending pace, leaving us always in second place,
Will never cease to remain ahead of the flock.

We stop to rest our weary feet,
And on Life walks, a train to catch.
Like a boy with a candle who never stops his march.
Damn! There he goes! Best not be left in the dark.
Keep moving, keep living- remain always in the light.

You’d best not stray from the path, either.
We’ve no time for impudent meandering.
Oh, if you must. But you’d better catch up, quick.

And the world will keep on spinning,
For progress cannot be stopped.
And Life goes on as always.


2 thoughts on ““Life Saunters By”

  1. Pat. says:

    That poem would make AWESOME song lyrics.

  2. Ivy says:

    Awesome, just in time to help me with like, my literature test tomorrow. You do write very deep and meaningful poems John! I’d said they’re verging professional, but you’ve got to be a lil less personal and more emo if you’re gonna make it to the publishers. They dig that crap. Not me though.
    I adore your poems. I miss the romantic ones you used to write though… but they must seem so meaningless compared to these you write now.

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