I am such a fucking emo.
I’m not your wrist-cutting type emo, neither. I’m too smart for that. I’m your "thinks about all the interminable gloom in life and gets depressed" emo.
For some people, life is a never ending trial. They struggle through ordeals that nearly kill them, one way or another. They might find a short mercy and have some time to smile and perhaps laugh with loved ones, before they’re thrown back to the grindstone to abrase their noses. Trial after trial, with stolen breathers inbetween. Moments of happiness they treasure, until the torment returns. And then they continue to struggle through life, waiting for themselves to die. And one day, they do die, and they don’t have to worry about life and all its troubles anymore.
It all seems rather bleak, doesn’t it?
Is that reality? Is that what everyone’s trying to ignore? To pretend that’s not how some people live? What is the truth about this life?
Truth is your view on something, based from your past experiences. In that sense, anything you want to believe can be the reality for you. People just tend to accept what the majority of what people think as the truth.

Well you think about it. I will be. And I’ll be killing myself by doing so. But I need to know if there’s a point to it all.


4 thoughts on “Quietus

  1. Pat. says:

    That’s not being Emo. That’s just being pessimistic.

  2. John says:

    Emos are pessimistic, Patrick.

  3. Pat. says:

    There is a difference, John. Pessimism is just one of the quailitites of an emo. That’s like saying you’re a communist just because you want to share. Or you’re a fan of a show just because you happened to see it on telly whether you liked it or not.There’s more to it .And since its only one quality, it means you’re not an Emo, because you only share one thing in common with it.
    Cheers out.

  4. Ivy says:

    Hey Pat that’s pretty deep stuff! As for Xin, sweetie, you’re always, ALWAYS pondering over stuff like that. It’s making you broody. Why bother finding out what life is about? It would be pointless if you don’t start living, causing stoning about it’s not gonna work darling. Live! And you’ll start finding out what it’s all about. Work, play, happiness, sorrow- see, it’s not those things you live for- those are PART of life, not purposes. Alot of people don’t get that.
    Lighten up honey, at least you’re not having exams like me.

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