The Swan

"If you are my friends, you will live my commands."
I Will Be the Vine. (see the right-hand-side of the page)

[forgive the details, to those that were at the  Mass this morning; I was only half-listening]

A man was driving a long a country road, and yonder, another car sped along. A group of ducks were crossing the road, and yet the car ahead did not slow, but pumelled through them. The ducks all managed to get out of the way, except for one who was a wee bit slow. It got glanced by the car, but not run over, and was knocked out cold.

The man in the first car pulled up in front of the ducks, and still they took no notice of him.
"The poor creature," thought the man, stepping up to it nervously, horribly worried that there would be blood and innards everywhere. There wasn’t. There was just a duck, lying on the road, with all its fellows crowding around it.
"I wonder why they haven’t flown away," he asked himself as he stood perhaps a meter behind them and took no notice of him.

The duck that was hit was on its back, rather serenely really. One of tits fellows leaned down and closed its bill around the bird’s neck, and the man watched curiously as the duck pulled its brethren around in small circles. After perhaps a dozen seconds, the legs of the duck started kicking, until at lastit rolled over onto its feet.
"It’s alive!" exclaimed the man excitedly to no one in particular.

He watched, rapt with intrigue, as the ducks all moved as one and walked about together while the injured duck recovered briefly. After a few more seconds of this, as one, they spread their wings and took to the sky in flight. The man watched them fly into the horizon, and muttered to himself.
"Now why aren’t people like that?"

"Why aren’t they indeed", the ducks thought.


2 thoughts on “The Swan

  1. Beth says:

    I dont get it

  2. Pat. says:

    Mmm.. that duck was delicious. Could survive a golf ball, but not a shotgun.

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