“How are you?”

Lol! Microsoft included a 157 page instruction book on how to use the new mouse I bought. It’s printed in a billion languages with instructions how to avoid breaking your neck while using the "Optical Technology, Wheel Scrolling Comfort Mouse". *in the bin*

Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide whether I had a good or bad day. Let’s take a look at it like this.
Good. Had a wonderful dream, involving me being the Pharaoh. I remained indolent (lazy, basically) and euphoric for the next few hours.
Good. 2 periods today, none of which involved any work.
Bad. Plenty of homework though.
Good. I actually did a front flip thingo. A couple of times, maybe half a dozen. You know, jumping forward, landing on your hands and bringing your legs over your head. Then again, success was at a 1:2 ratio.
Bad. I gave it one last shot before I got in the car, but I thought, "Try it with the blazer on. Why not?" I couldn’t rotate my arms properly and I stacked it, major time. It feels like I’ve fractured my wrist and broken my thumb on my left hand. Makes it a bitch to type.
Good. Attempted a dive roll, and sort of half got it a few times.
Bad. Didn’t get it the last time, when I jumped off a miniscule ledge and onto the grass. Picture trying to roll a cube, and you’ve got me attempting a dive roll.
Good. Jumped off the first floor balcony in front of the library, and onto the brick floor below. In my blazer, and all. Saxon saw me, and told Ian Raymond, so I think word might get around. Drat. When I climbed over the railing (I would have jumped over it and caught it on the way down, but my legs were shaky for some reason), this Year 10 who just walked out of the library stared at me with wide eyes.
"Goodbye, cruel world!" I cried melodramatically, and flung myself to the earth below.
Bad. Improper landing, accountable to the aforementioned shaky legs. Hurt my left knee and ankle reasonably badly.
Good. Caught a fly in mid-air. I just reached out and snatched it. Go me!
Bad. Problems with going to the city, tomorrow.
Good. Jupiter coming along nicely. I’m better at it than Perry, seeing as he hasn’t practiced at all, having left his music at school over the holidays.
Good. When stationery shopping- one of the few reliable joys in life.

Bad. I still feel like a sack of wet crap, because my wrist aches and my leg is sore. That’s my overall countenance, but I’m feeling a little cheery because it’s the weekend. I’ve wasted my afternoon though.

Overall, I guess I’m okay. I’m alive, I’m breathing, and I guess things can only look up from here. If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for caring. If not, well you weren’t obliged to. Cheers all the same.



4 thoughts on ““How are you?”

  1. Derrick says:

    And I thought I was the only idiot going around acting like a ninja.

  2. Solomon says:

    There are more idiots in the world than we can ever imagine.
    "You see, we are not as alone as we thought…" -Professor Xavier.

  3. Ivy says:

    I am tempted to say "You are fucking crazy as ever," but then again I know you.
    Congratulations on your achievements but no sympathy for your injuries.

  4. Ivy says:

    In which I just did. I feel liberated too. And now extremely worried for your safety and survival.

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